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Top 5 Hemp Questions Answered

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Does hemp flower do anything?

The short answer is, yes it does. hemp is well know to combat things like inflation, pain, anxiety and a number of other ailments many people suffer from. Hemp with a diverse terpene profile with a significant amount of cannabinoids will provide an entourage effect that many report to be quite noticeable in helping with many or all of the above ailments. CBD and CBG both offer numerous benefits.

Does hemp flower give you a buzz?

 Due to the trace amounts of THC found in hemp flower, many report to feel slight effects as a result without any level of anxiety or paranoia that Marijuana can cause. The effects people have reported range from Calming, relaxing, increased focus and even added energy. 

What is the strongest hemp flower?

There is no easy way to answer this. First, you have to understand what makes Hemp Flower “Strong” and in what sense. High CBD or CBG does not always determine the strength of the effects. The terpene profile also plays a big part in this area as we discussed the entourage effect earlier. The blend of CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids determine the overall effect of the flower. Also keep in mind, many lab results posted are false and inflated. For example, our Light Dep Lifter has a modest CBDa content of 11% but our customers experience stronger effects from this flower than strains from our competitors that test above 20% CBDa. Here at Bakers Ranch Botanicals, all of our tests are done by third party labs with zero affiliation with our company. You can always trust the results posted on our website to be an accurate representation of the product you’ll receive. 

Is hemp flower Indica or Sativa?

Hemp tends to be a happy medium between the two. Although, different strains produce different results so be sure to find the hemp flower that suits your needs.

Is hemp flower federally legal?

Yes it is however, many states have their own hemp programs that outline specific rules in their respective states. hemp was removed from the federal schedule 1 narcotics list and is treated like any other crop at the federal level. 

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