Shipping and Delivery

Processing Time: All hemp flower orders will be packaged and delivered to the United States Post Office within 1 business days after the purchase takes place. 

Shipping Method: USPS Priority Mail (Usually arrives within 2-3 business days)

Package Tracking: Once the label is created for your package, a notification is automatically sent to the Email address provided at checkout with the USPS tracking number. 

Shipping Packaging: All orders will arrive in our Signature Green Box. Our box does not contain any branding in an effort to accommodate customers looking for discreet packaging. 

Product Packaging: Bakers Ranch Hemp Flower buds are always packaged using the highest quality products available. Your Indoor hemp flower will arrive in a glass jar with a screw on lid that can be reused for future storage. We are now placing our glass jars inside smell-proof mylar bags to eliminate any odor for additional privacy. Outdoor grown flower is packaged in smell-proof mylar bags.

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