Hemp Flower Pre Rolls – Premium Indoor grown Hemp Bud Pre Roll Pack – 7 Pre Rolls Per Pack – 13% CBDa


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Bakers Ranch Botanicals Kush Premium Pre Roll Hemp flower is grown indoors in a perfectly controlled environment to ensure the highest quality smokeable Hemp flower possible. This is some of the best hemp bud in the world. At Bakers Ranch, quality and safety are our top priority. Bakers Ranch Botanicals Kush strain of premium Hemp flower is sure to delight the senses with its strong, sweet, earthy, pine scent and intense terpenes.  This hemp bud will not disappoint.

These Pre Rolls are made with true indoor hemp flower, NOT grown in a greenhouse.

Bakers Ranch Premium indoor grown hemp flower Pre Rolls come in 7 Hemp Pre Rolls Packs

Grown locally in Oregon.

NOTE: This product is sold and shipped only within the United States. This product does not ship internationally.

Product Size

Hemp Bud

Indoor Grown

Here at Bakers Ranch Botanicals, we grow our hemp bud in a perfectly controlled indoor, insulated, climate controlled grow room to achieve and produce the best results possible. Our hemp bud is fed OMRI approved nutrients only and the end result is flawless indoor hemp bud. All of our hemp bud is tested under ODA standards and has less than .3% ▲9 THC. None of our hemp bud is psychoactive so no need to be concerned about the effects. The only effects that you may experience will be a calming, relaxed feeling. Enjoy our hemp bud today and let us know if you have any questions!

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