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bakers ranch botanicals lifter

Bakers Ranch Botanicals Lifter Premium Hemp flower is grown indoors in a perfectly controlled indoor environment to ensure the highest quality smokeable Hemp flower possible. This is THE best hemp bud in the world. Our Premium Indoor Lifter hemp flower is hand-trimmed to perfection. Your Lifter hemp flower will arrive discretely packaged in our signature Bakers Ranch Botanicals glass jar(s). Bakers Ranch Botanicals Lifter is Grown in a true indoor, climate controlled flower room at Bakers Ranch Botanicals in Bend, OR (This is not Greenhouse grown, this is true Premium Indoor Hemp Flower). All Hemp flower at Bakers Ranch Botanicals is grown using organic practices and nutrients only. The Cannabinoid Content is 14.24% CBDa with less than .1% Delta9 THC. The nose of this flower is Sweet funk, with some hints of fuel. This indoor hemp flower has an earthy and spicy nose with an underlying fruity presence. These hemp flowers have a high density rating and an amazing terpene profile. CBDA: 14.26% Delta9: .04% – (Nearly undetectable). All of our hemp flower is Grown using organic practices and nutrients. 

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