Bakers Ranch Botanicals wholesale Hemp flower bud is grown in beautiful Bend Oregon with the best ground and water conditions in the United States. Bend has a very short grow season due to the potential for frost in early June and cold temperatures as early as mid September. However, the tremendous natural benefits make this area a prime location for growing the best hemp flower possible under the sun. At Bakers Ranch, quality and safety are our top priority. Bakers Ranch Botanicals Lifter strain of premium wholesale Hemp flower is sure to delight the senses with its strong, sweet, earthy, pine scent and intense terpenes.  This hemp Flower will not disappoint. Shop with confidence knowing you’re buying the best Hemp in the world!

Packaging: Your Lifter hemp flower will arrive discretely packaged in vacuum sealed, smell-proof bag(s) securely packaged in a tupperware container and shipped in a sturdy shipping box.

Genetics: Lifter

Grow Practices: Grown at our farm in Bend, OR. Our hemp is planted in the dirt without plastic and watered under a pivot. Whether plastic barriers and drip lines have a negative impact or not on hemp crops, we avoid the possibility by not using them. This creates a labor intensive crop but at the same time, ensures premium quality clean hemp flower production. All Hemp flower at Bakers Ranch Botanicals is grown using organic practices. 

Cannabinoid Content: 14.49% CBD with less than .01% Delta9 THC.

Nose: Sweet funk, with some hints of fuel. This indoor hemp flower has an earthy and spicy nose with an underlying fruity presence. 

Additional Details: These hemp flowers have a high density rating and an amazing terpene profile. CBD: 14.49% Delta9: Less than .01% – (Nearly undetectable)

Grown using organic practices and nutrients. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides in our facility or on our property. 

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