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Premium CBD Hemp Flower grown responsibly and perfectly cured to perfection at Bakers Ranch Botanicals. We add new hemp flower strains often so be sure to sign up below for email updates on available Hemp bud strains. We also offer many other Hemp products which are made from hemp grown by us on our farm. Your’e buying true farm to table Hemp when you shop with us.  

What Is Hemp And CBD Flower?

Over the last couple of years, the public’s interest as a whole in hemp flower has grown quite rapidly. That is, ever since December of 2018 when the Farm Bill¹ was passed, and hemp was officially separated from the definition of marijuana. 

It’s very common for hemp flower to be confused with marijuana. Even individuals who consume on a regular basis might not even know the science behind the characteristics of the two. Genetically speaking, they are very closely related and questions surrounding the topic are to be expected.

The differences between hemp and marijuana now come down to being measured by the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) involved. In order to be categorized as hemp, the plant must have within it a maximum of 0.3% THC by dry weight. And anything that holds more than 0.3% THC by dry weight falls into the category of marijuana. 

Another characteristic of hemp flower worth noting is the amount of cannabidiol (CBD) within the plant. Typically hemp flower contains a higher percentage of CBD than THC. This makes it an appealing choice for those who don’t live in a state where marijuana is legal but want to keep enjoying the cannabis plant without running the risk of any legal repercussions.

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Will Smoking Hemp Flower Make Me Feel High?

One of the most commonly asked questions about smoking hemp flower is “will smoking CBD get me high?” 

And the answer is no. Smoking hemp flower will not make you feel those psychotropic and euphoric feelings associated with being high.

This is because the compound that makes people feel this kind of intoxication is THC. THC is considered to be the intoxicating factor within the cannabis plant due to the effect THC has on the brain in particular, more specifically, the way it binds to our brain’s receptors. But when it comes to flower that holds less than 0.3% of that, it’s simply not going to have the same effect Marijuana has on the brain. However, most people do report feeling relaxed while being clear minded and calm when using Hemp Flower. The most common complaint about Marijuana is paranoia which does not occur with Hemp Flower.

In fact, the amount of CBD within the plant is actually known to help counteract the psychotropic effects of THC. This brings us to our next point, which is…

What Are The Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower?

So, if smoking hemp won’t get you high, then what the heck is the point? Well, actually, there are several benefits that come along with the experience of smoking hemp flower, and some of them might even surprise you.

The best part is, it’s not just hearsay. The scientific community is working tirelessly to conduct research and testing and has conducted a number of experiments and studies to get a better understanding of how CBD interacts with our bodies.

For instance, some studies indicate that CBD may aid in the relief of chronic pain by decreasing inflammation and by the way CBD interacts with the brain’s receptors.² CBD also has the ability to disrupt the signals our brains receive from our body about pain—especially when in combination with THC. There are also a number of scientific studies that support the idea of CBD having antidepressant-like effects³ as well as easing feelings of nausea.⁴

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What Makes Hemp Flower “High-Quality”?

So now that we know what hemp is (and what it isn’t) let’s talk about where you can find some of the best hemp flower on the market.

Have you ever wondered what exactly is the difference between high-quality hemp flower vs regular old plain jane hemp flower? Many companies claim their product is of premium quality. But are these just buzzwords that are good for marketing or are there any actual industry standards being measured?

Here at Bakers Ranch Botanicals, our strains are cultivated with the highest levels of care and nurturing. We aim to set the industry standard all on our own, offering a prime example of high-quality premium hemp flower. 

Our team works meticulously to ensure every step of the growth process is handled with care so our customers can enjoy a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience. We’re uninterested in providing the public with mediocre strains and strive to grow flower that’s going to make a difference. 

Some of our most popular strains to date include Lifter, White CBG, Sour Suver Haze, Special Sauce, and Sour G. 

Is Hemp Flower Legal?

Although hemp flower is technically legal to cultivate and sell to customers, many states have taken issue with its striking similarities to marijuana.

It’s no secret that recreational and medical marijuana isn’t legal in every single state and to be a person in possession of it can have some very serious consequences. But the problem is, without access to proper testing kits, law enforcement has no way of knowing what they’re looking at is legal hemp or illegal marijauna.

There are no visual differences. The two typically have the same potent scent. Not to mention, they’re generally both consumed in the same way. So if you were to visually watch one person smoking legal hemp flower, and another smoking illegal marijuana, the truth is, you simply cannot tell the difference with the naked eye. 

This fact is causing problems in states like Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, Kentucky, and many others. 

While this may give the impression that we’re taking backward steps in the journey of our cannabis revolution, it’s predicted that in time (and after more nurturing research) hemp flower will eventually be as universally accepted to have in your home as salt and pepper. 

is hemp legal
hemp girl

Final Thoughts

Hemp flower is likely to stay a trending topic for the rest of our foreseeable future. The (legal) industry is still new and breaking developments in research occur almost every day. Here at Bakers Ranch Botanicals, we’re here to keep you supplied with both high-quality hemp flower strains and straightforward hemp education. Check back with us for more answers to your hemp questions!


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