Choose between three categories of CBD hemp flower. We offer true Indoor, Greenhouse and Outdoor CBD hemp flower Buds and pre rolls. The current strain available from Bakers Ranch Botanicals is Lifter. All of our Hemp is grown on our farm in Bend, OR from Seed to the finished product. We do not source flower from anyone and our quality is consistent across our product line. We take great pride in our quality and it’s reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback amongst our customers. Shop with confidence knowing you are purchasing the best hemp flower in the world. Grown using the finest products available and we never use any pesticides or herbicides, natural or unnatural. 

Bakers Ranch Botanicals Lifter strain of premium Hemp flower is sure to delight the senses with its strong, sweet, earthy, pine scent and intense terpenes.  This hemp Flower will not disappoint.

Packaging: OurIndoor Lifter hemp flower will arrive discretely packaged/vacuum sealed in our signature Bakers Ranch Botanicals glass jar(s). Our Greenhouse Outdoor Hemp Flower and Smalls will arrive discretely packaged/vacuum sealed in our smell proof branded mylar bags.

Genetics: Lifter

Grow Practices: Grown in a true indoor, climate controlled flower room at Bakers Ranch Botanicals in Bend, OR (This is not Greenhouse grown, this is true Premium Indoor Hemp Flower). All Hemp flower at Bakers Ranch Botanicals is grown using organic practices and nutrients only. 

Grown using organic practices and nutrients. 

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