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The 10 Best Hemp Flower Strains

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Our Team at Bakers Ranch Botanicals has tremendous experience cultivating, curing and processing hemp flower to ensure the highest quality hemp bud crop after crop. The care that goes into our products is second to none.

We have done extensive research to find the best genetics available to produce the most sought after hemp flower strains for our customers. Our goal is to grow hemp strains that offer both the benefits of CBD and CBG Hemp Flower while at the same time provide an enjoyable experience. We have asked our customers for guidance on which hemp flower strains they want most and overwhelmingly they all agreed. Our Hemp Strain list below is sorted by the strains we have grown in the order we grew them in and below that, a list of CBD and CBG hemp flower strains on our list to grow next. We hope you enjoy and we’d love to hear about your favorite strains in the comments! So let’s get started!

Lifter | Hemp Flower

indoor lifter hemp flower

The Lifter strain is special to us for many reasons but foremost, Our Indoor Lifter Hemp flower was the first crop we harvested and brought to market. It produced extremely well and the feedback on our Lifter was nearly 100% five stars. Lifter is a cross between SH50 and ERB produced by the famous Crawford brothers at Oregon CBD. Lifter hemp flower provides all the benefits you would look for in a high quality hemp flower strain. We describe the nose as a funky sweet gas due to the diverse terpene profile. After the release of our indoor Lifter, we grew it in the field and one of our greenhouses. All three were unique and an absolute hit with our customers. The Lifter strain will always be special to us and constant in our shop. The most common feedback we receive is:

• Premium dense A grade hemp buds
• Funky sweet gassy nose
• Elevated abilities and alertness
• Helps with anxiousness
• Amazing flavor that matches the smell

Should I grow Lifter?

For growers, you can’t go wrong with Lifter. This is certainly the highest yielding strain we’ve grown or even seen when it comes to large dense grade A hemp buds and plant material whether growing for biomass or premium hemp flower. Make room for this strain in your field, you won’t regret it.

Hawaiian Haze | Hemp Flower
indoor hawaiian haze hemp

Hawaiian Haze is a cross between ERB and DC Haze. This flower was the second most requested strain amongst our customers so we released our Indoor Hawaiian Haze hemp flower in early 2020. It sold out so fast that many customers didn’t make it back in time for a second order unfortunately. The feedback has been extremely positive and some of the common responses we’ve received are:

• Med-High Density A Grade hemp flower
• Tropical sweet nose
• Energy boosting effects during the day
• Helps with anxiousness
• Provides focus and clarity

Our customers report noticeable positive CBD effects from this hemp strain and we will certainly have it back in stock soon!

Should I grow Hawaiian Haze?

For growers, Hawaiian Haze yields large dense buds (Not quite like Lifter but close) whether grown in a grow room, greenhouse or in your field. Whether you’re growing for biomass or flower, it’s a high yielder with a germination rate of close to 98%. Hawaiian Haze is a must have if you’re growing hemp.


Sour Space Candy | Hemp Flower
indoor sour space candy flower

Our Indoor Sour Space Candy hemp flower was released in early-mid 2020 and like the Hawaiian Haze, flew off our shelves. Sour Space Candy is truly unique Hemp as it produces a citrusy fruity aroma unlike any others. Sour Space Candy is a cross between Sour Tsunami and ERB. Some of the most common feedback we receive on this hemp flower is:

• Medium sized very dense hemp buds
• Noticeably relaxed body while still very clear and alert
• Best smelling hemp ever!

Should I grow Sour Space Candy?

For growers, this is another decent producer. While it won’t produce the large dense hemp buds that would rival Lifter, Sour Space Candy’s incredibly dense medium sized hemp flower almost makes up for it in weight. Due to the unique smell, taste and clear effects, You should certainly clear some space for this in your field. As stated on the Oregon CBD website, This flower does best in dry climates.

Hemp Flower Strains Currently in Veg/Flower at Bakers Ranch

Special Sauce

We were very interested in this hemp strain due to the high number of requests from our customers combined with the interesting pink colored pistils and high CBD levels Special Sauce is known for. Special Sauce Hemp is a well-rounded strain that’s great for high quality hemp flower as well as high quality full spectrum extraction for CBD oil.

  • Robust full spectrum terpene profile
  • Berry sweet aromatic nose
  • Sweet and flavorful taste

Should I grow Special Sauce?

We can’t speak from large scale experience on this as our crop hasn’t harvested yet. However, we can tell you that the plant structure is very similar to other Oregon CBD strains with a healthy stalk, large fan leaves and very durable in our climate. Feedback from other growers state that they regularly hit above 20% CBD and the terpene profile is more robust than most. If you’re growing for Hemp Biomass to sell to a processor, this is a no brainer. If growing for hemp flower, we will let you know once we harvest ours!


Sour Suver Haze

Suver Haze is another strain that was highly requested by our customers. We had our eye on this strain for a while and then the Sour Suver Haze variety was introduced. Once we saw this we jumped on it. Our test batch performed very well and produced hemp flower buds that were nice and dense and had a beautiful sour apple nose. The taste was even more reminiscent of sour apple candy. This strain also produced the highest CBD recorded at Bakers Ranch. We are really looking forward to harvesting, curing and making it available to all of you to enjoy!

  • Nice medium sized hemp flower buds
  • Very strong sour apple nose and taste
  • Extremely high CBD content

Should I grow Sour Suver Haze?

Again, this strain is currently in flower and we have yet to harvest a large scale crop of it. Feedback from other farms state that this is one of the most durable strains available for wet climates and has a strong resistance to mold which can make a big difference in the amount of crop loss. Due to the strong nose and taste of Sour Suver Haze, we believe this is another winner for your field, greenhouse or indoor hemp flower.

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Bakers Ranch Team

Bakers Ranch Team

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